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Choose Your Future

Choose Your Future

☞ Choose a Future Profession
The Institute of Democracy launches the second cycle of the meeting on correct choosing of the future profession in Public Schools of Ajara. The second cycle considers meetings of the 9th and 12th form leavers with the graduates of the same school, giving practical tips for choosing a future profession.

The discussion on the issues of reasonable selection of the profession will be held with by holding presentations in all Public Schools, as well as on the issue that the vocational education is not less important. Correctly chosen vocational education serves as a significant factor for the development of the individual.

Today, the working meetings were held with the directors and facilitators of Batumi, Khelvachauri, Kobuleti and Keda Public Schools. At the meeting the issues of choosing a profession and importance of trainings were discussed. With the participation of Public School facilitators and invited guests the meetings with the pupils will be launched from May 15.
Previous year 4745 students were involved in the component of choosing a future profession within the frame of the project “Launching of employment-oriented education and development system in Ajara”. The project is funded by the European Union.