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Former inmate – Master of wooden engravings

Former inmate – Master of wooden engravings

This is the logo of the Institute of Democracy. The organization was granted with its official symbol by its beneficiary, who has been working on the logo during two weeks. According to him the work turned out to be highly-responsible and at the same time very pleasant. He is satisfied with the product and granted it to the organization as a sign of gratitude.

Dato (name is conditional) is a former inmate. He mastered engraving on wood during custody, during which his first work was produced and sent it to the family. He still remembers the emotion having received from his works. His mother called him extremely happy, blessed and wished him a success. This turned out to be the biggest stimulus for him, assisting him to overcome the years spent in custody.

He was imprisoned due to uncertainty. He does not hide the reason for imprisonment, saying that he has not committed any crime, being released after 6 years of imprisonment.

He had difficulty re-socializing into the society after the years spent in custody.

“All inmates released from custody face one and the same reality: mistrust from the society, isolation, unemployment, financial problems, which could impose to crime recommitment, though it is most important for the human not to lose hope for future and try to change life. Prison turns out to be such a serious psychological stress for a person that it is important to receive support from the family, friends and mostly important, the society”.

After release from custody, Dato decided to search a job in order to earn his own living and assist the family financially. He even got employed at the Car-Washing Workshop, though because of deterioration of his health state he gave it up. He could not help doing nothing and started to produce handmade items. Due to absence of financial sources, he himself produced the tools for engraving on the wood. He purchased necessary working materials with borrowed money and started to produce icons, crests and souvenirs.

Now, he is making an icon for the Church. He is grinding the beads for the ornament with coffee grinder, which was suggested by mother and before purchase of the machines he uses household items for the handicraft.

Dato is a beneficiary of the Institute of Democracy project “Supporting former inmates, inmates’ families and probationers”. He purchased the tools for engraving on the wood with the support of the program, having attended the trainings and is actively involved in other rehabilitation services.

Dato has many other plans for the future. He is willing to arrange a small workshop, take the interns and participate in various exhibitions, as well as to organize a personal exhibition. He takes efforts to achieve his aim.

The project “Supporting former inmates, inmates’ families and probationers” is implemented by the Institute of Democracy, Guria Youth Resource Center, Tanaziari and Foundation “Abkhazinterkont” in Ajara, Guria, Samegrelo Upper Svaneti and Imereti region.