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"Imprisonment was an exam which I passed "

Processing the wool, coloring it, later organizing a composition and painting - this is the work preceding the final product – says M.G. matching the colors and processing the wool is a pleasure for the beneficiary, being the best remedy for combatting the stress, which was a rather important during the years of custody – spending 2 years and 2 months in custody by 49-old woman. She learnt working on the wool and has not stopped since then.

“I learnt the craft at Rustavi Prison, where one woman taught me working on the tick felt wool in order to overcome the stress. We used to process the wool in ur family, though coloring and later painting is a different thing, which relaxes and makes me happy, which helped me to return to a normal life” – says a former inmate.

Though, only a pleasant hobby is not sufficient for maintain 8 member family, M.G.’s wife is currently away in Turkey to harvest tea, soon working on nut harvesting, selling wool works once a month – though you cannot only rely on this income.

M.G. finally frames the works, meanwhile, prepares them for selling. Not having had the means to purchase the frames, was involved in the project for strengthening former inmates of Guria Youth Resource Center and the Institute of Democracy and purchased a special loom for manufacturing the frames.
“I was arrested in 2015, and was released in 2017. I am 53-year-old, being 49 year old year then. When we all former inmates get together, we never talk about prison, as being in custody was such a terrible experience, though we still have to recall imprisonment years as “the years spent in Academy”.

Imprisonment was an exam, which I passed and left it with bright reason, starting to live from a new page. Up to now, I have been assisting a number of people with all my efforts. When a person falls down, I always remain on the idea of providing assistance, giving power and strengthen them, instead of having the attitude, i.e. “What a pity”.

According to M.G. in order to perfectly manufacture thick felt wool frames, additional tools are required. In order to support the family, M.G. tries to master other handicraft work, taking care of the old-aged person during winter, though a former inmate is devoid of a steady work and 200 Gel being the only income source for his multi-member family.

Project for strengthening former inmates has been implemented by the Institute of Democracy with the financial support from the European Union in four regions of Georgia together with partner organizations. The project is implemented by the Institute of Democracy in cooperation with Guria Youth Resource Center, Tanaziari and Foundation Abkhazinterkont.