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Rehabilitation through Art

Rehabilitation through Art

In Batumi, in the Social Café “Free Space” a personal fair-exhibition of the handmade items by the beneficiary of the EU-program for re-socialization and rehabilitation of former inmates Zura Gogiberidze was held.

Zura Gogiberidze has been a beneficiary of the program for supporting former inmates, inmates’ families and probationers of the Institute of Democracy. In the frame of the project, he has applied various rehabilitation services, having undertaken Foreign Language Courses at the English Language Club, as well as mastering the ways of launching and strengthening one’s own business on the Certified Courses for Business Management. Training on Digital Marketing will assist Zurab in promoting and advertising his own business. In the frame of Re-Socialization program, Zura was granted with the working tools necessary for wooden engravings.

Apart from the Institute of Democracy, Zurab has been a beneficiary of the NGO “SIDA”, being granted with various materials and techniques with the support of SIDA and under EU-funding, which finally resulted in more effective implementation of the work performed by him.

For 9 years, Zura has been engraving on wood, producing various handicraft items, pictures, souvenirs, ions, crests. Having mastered handiwork during custody, he produced his first works in penitentiary institution. After 6-months of imprisonment, he got released with amnesty, having difficulty to re-socializing after the years spend in prison.

“All inmates released from custody are met with one reality: mistrust among the society, isolation, unemployment, financial problems, which can lean an individual to a crime-recommitment, though it is important for a person to believe in future and to try to change it for the better. Prison, is such a serious psychological stress for a person that everyone is in need of the support from the family, friends and mostly important and the Society’ – says Zura Gogiberidze.

Project for strengthening former inmates has been implemented by the Institute of Democracy with the financial support from the European Union in four regions of Georgia together with partner organizations. The project is implemented by the Institute of Democracy in cooperation with Guria Youth Resource Center, Tanaziari and Foundation Abkhazinterkont.