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The request of the population reflected in the petitions

The request of the population reflected in the petitions

Tobacco-growing is no longer a main income source for the family, resulting from many reasons, realization – being of the basic ones. According to them, the State is not much concerned with this field of industry, though these people still continue to preserve an ancient tradition, trying to realize produced tobacco with their own forces, under the open sky of the Municipality.

They are particularly happy with the fact that the customers are satisfied with the tobacco bought from them. It is said that majority of customers are foreigners, though only during summer period. They have realization problem during winter season, as trading in the open sky is rather difficult. Due to bad weather and humidity, tobacco get soaked, relevantly it fails to satisfy customers’ needs.

According to them construction of an Agrarian Market in Khulo Municipality would be a considerable benefit, enabling them to trade, realize produced goods and continue their ancestral business. As explained by them, construction of the agrarian market would solve not only the problem of tobacco producers as well as street trading.

Street vendors expressed their request and willingness in the petition, having brough it to the Municiplaity. Currently, Governor and Municipal Assembly will have to settle the problem. Though, the Municipal Assembly of previous convocation considered review of the issue as eligible. Furthermore, according to the information by the Deputy Governor, Agrarian Market will be opened after rehabilitation of Batumi-Akhaltsikhe Highway.

The project “Petition – People’s Voice in the Self-governance” has been implemented by the Institute of Democracy together with partner organization with the support of the USAID since 2016. The project aims at supporting formation of a successful practice of public involvement in the activity of self-governing bodies though civic activation, preparing petitions, referring to the Municipal Assembly and advocacy campaign.