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The responses of Zugdidi Municipal Council on citizens’ petitions

The responses of Zugdidi Municipal Council on citizens’ petitions

Within the frame of the Institute of Democracy office “Petition – People’s Voice in the self-governance” active citizens presented four petitions; one of which was wholly satisfied, two partially satisfied, and one issue was not considered by the Municipal Council.
The initiators of the petition are active citizen leaders who were selected at Public Meetings held by the Institute of Democracy and its partner organization “Atinati.” These active citizens collected the signatures on the petition issues and presented the petitions to the session of the Municipal Council.
Following are the petitions presented by the citizens and response by the Municipal Council:
1. Citizens: Planning and installation of a drinking water reservoir in the villages in the Administrative Borders of Zugdidi Municipality (Rukhi and Odishi).
In the villages of Rukhi and Odishi there is no drinking water. There is no central water pipeline nor reservoir in these villages, the local population is continuously without water. In Rogava Street of the village Odishi, seven families have no drinking water. This requires them to carry water from a distance in plastic containers. In Rustaveli Street of the same village, the population has arranged wells with their own resources, though during the summer months, water levels are reduced or totally dried up. Either deeper wells should be dug or a reservoir should be create to provide citizens’ supply of drinking water.
Municipal Council: The above-mentioned problem was considered important and eligible by the Municipal Council; they have acted to totally satisfy the petition. According to the record of the Municipal Council, the water supply project of the village Rukhi will be included in the draft Action Plan for 2017, whereas the issue of water supply with the wells of the above seven families shall also be considered in 2017.

2. Citizens: Installation of street lighting in the villages located within administrative borders of Zugdidi Municipality (Kakhati, Orsantia and Anaklia).
Street lighting is needed in all of Daraselia Street in the village Kakhati, as the population is densely settled there and have difficulty moving during night hours. Therefore, it is necessary to install street lightning from the outer border of the village Orsantia to the village center (access roads also will be lit).
One section of Rustaveli Street in the village Anaklia has no lighting, creating a safety hazard for visitors and residents alike.
Municipal Council: This issue was partially satisfied by the Municipal Council. As explained by the Municipal Council, installation of street lighting will be studied and included in the Action Plans of 2017. Part of it is to be considered in the Village Support Program.
3. Citizens: Placement of waste containers in the villages within the Administrative Borders of Zugdidi Municipality (Kakahti, Darcheli, Orsantia, Anaklia, Odishi, Upper Etseri and Rukhi) and cleaning street waste.
The local population is required to dispose household waste within the city, in the composters, or in a specially arranged landfill, because of insufficient numbers of waste containers.
For solving this issue it is necessary to place additional waste containers in various districts and central streets within the village, while ensuring access of the Zugdidi Sanitary Cleaning Service.
Municipal Council: This issue was partially satisfied by the Municipal Council. As explained by the Municipal Council, in 2015 under co-funding of Municipal Development Foundation, two waste carriers were purchased by the Municipality. In 2017 internal village districts shall be covered by Zugdidi Sanitary Cleaning Service, for which various types of inventory shall be purchased.

4. Citizens: Creation of a Shelter for Street Dogs in Zugdidi Municipality.
The number of street dogs is growing every year in Zugdidi Municipality. The Governing Board of Zugdidi Municipality allocated a plot of land for construction of a shelter near Zugdidi, though the sum necessary for construction of the shelter was not able to be addressed in the current budget year.
Municipal Council: The problem is recognized by the Zugdidi Municipal Council, however resolution of this issue is a huge expense; as such the Municipal Council refused to satisfy the petition. Due to the difficulty and expense in achieving resolution of this issue, the Municipal Council cannot take on this project on its own. Zugdidi Municipality expresses readiness to receive proposals by any NGOs and will consider any project.
The project is implemented by the Institute of Democracy in cooperation with partner organizations (Charity Organization “Tanaziari”, Association “Atinati”, “Guria Youth Resource Center”) in 20 municipalities of western Georgia, Ajara, Guria and Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti.