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Training for baby-sitters

Training for baby-sitters

Parents think that the babysitter should be caring, kind, calm, attentive, loving, responsible, and energetic, music-lover and creative.
There is no organization functioning in Ajara selecting a baby-sitter for the families according to competence and skills, nor there is a Center for re-qualification of already employed babysitters. Because of this, parents find it difficult to find a babysitter. Kindergarten is the only way out for them. Though, the parents think that employed babysitters is to be competent and certified.
The cycle of training for re-qualification of the babysitters employed in Kindergartens and families is being held at the Institute of Democracy.

Program description:
➤ Development peculiarities of pre-school children: age peculiarities for children development according to various fields: development of personal-emotional sphere; standards of early age development; standard for protection of hygiene; importance of healthy food; regulations related to food; first aid principles.
➤ Inclusive Education Peculiarities of working with the children with special needs at pre-school education level; exercises stimulating children development.
➤ Art of communication
➤ Games and activities for pre-school children.
The training is held within the frame of EU-funded project “Launching of employment-oriented education and development system in Ajara”. The project is funded by the European Union.
Additional information is available on our web-site: ☞ დემოკრატიის ინსტიტუტის ტრენინგ ცენტრი - IOD Training Centre