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Institute of Democracy was founded on April 19, 2004. It was officially registered at Batumi City Court on May 5, 2004.

The organization has been functioning in the Autonomous Republic of Ajara since 2004, expanding a number of programs on the territory of other regions of Georgia.

The activity of the organization is based on the following basic values:

  • Freedom, as a principal value;
  • Respect of Human Rights;
  • Equality before the law;
  • Transparency and accountability;
  • Active Society and Civic Engagement;

The Institute of Democracy is working with the following three basic strategic directions:

  1. Ensuring Legal Aid for various marginal and target groups with violated rights;
  2. Supporting development of Good Governance;
  3. Protecting the interests of various interest groups.

The Institute of Democracy is functioning at various level of intervention, in particular:

  • Human Level – assisting the individuals in realizing the rights granted with law;
  • Group level - protecting the interests of various civil groups;
  • Institutional level – studying and supporting Good Governance practice in Public;
  • Policy level - lobbying the issues directed towards democratic governance to representative and/or governing bodies.