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Exhibition of Eco-migrants’ Handicrafts

Exhibition of Eco-migrants’ Handicrafts

The road leading from Sagarejo to the village Udabno was covered with snow, though we were met with sunny weather upon arriving in the village Udabno, enabling us to arrange the exhibition in the open air. The locals, especially the youth failed to cover their happiness.

The organization “Women for Future” is working on integration of the eco-migrants in Sagarejo Municipality. According to the Director of the organization Ms. Maia Beitrishvili cultural-educational events are seldom arranged in the village Udabno, due to which it was decided to arrange the exhibition and the public concert in the village Udabno.

The exhibition was held with eco-migrants’ handicrafts; the winners were identified. As noted by the local population, organization of similar event serves as the best opportunity.

The Exhibition was held with the support of the Institute of Democracy – the project is funded by the European Union.