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Tsikhisdziri Community is waiting for water

Tsikhisdziri Community is waiting for water

There is only a promise of water to appear in the fountain in the center of Tsikhisdziri. In its current state it only served as a forum for Election posters.

While waiting for the final election outcomes in the country, an active part of the population continues to participate in the Institute of Democracy project and make its voice heard by the state.

Residents of the village Tsikhisdziri of Kobuleti Municipality were introduced to the Institute of Democracy project “Petition – People’s Voice in Self-Governance.”

Within the frame of the project, the representatives of the Institute of Democracy together with partner organizations, study problems as the results of meetings with the population in Ajara, Guria and Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti region. They then select active leader citizens, who prepare petitions on actual problems within their community and then refer these petitions to the municipal government. If questions arise in the Municipal Council, these same active citizens respond and represent the voice of the community in the Council.

As for the problems of Tsikhisdziri, they include:
1. Internal roads and lightening
2. Problems with the water supply system
3. Purchase of a tractor on site for village needs
4. Supporting citrus realization (Transportation, arrangement of the receiver points)
5. Production and installation of address boards
6. Refurbishment of the Community Center
7. Functional loading of the village club and material-technical equipment
8. Children’s Playground in the center
At the meeting, a large discussion was held on the issues of refurbishment of the community center. A part of the population requested elimination of the fountain, which is now serving as a waste bin and has no water. They suggested that a square and playground would be a better use of the space. Another part of the population is still hoping for water to appear in the fountain.

The function of the village club also became a subject of discussion. A repaired building still is without technical or material resources. An absence of instruments limits its use for other entertainment such as singing and dancing.

A non-petition, though a crucial issue to help motivate learning was raised at the meeting. Low speed wifi connection complicates lessons at Tshikhisdziri Public School.

The Institute of Democracy together with partner organizations continue meetings with regional populations with the purpose of identifying petition problems and actively working to strengthen civil society.

The project is funded by The USAID.